Sustainability at Cliff Lede Vineyards

Cliff Lede Vineyards’ philosophy is built upon a commitment to enhancing and protecting the valuable land and water with which we grow our wine grapes and enriching the quality of life for our team. In 2015, our winery and vineyards were awarded with a Napa Green certification which focuses on farming and production methods that meet and exceed more than twenty local, state, and federal “best practices.” Cliff Lede wines are an exuberant expression of our Napa Valley vineyards and reflect the natural harmony and balance we encourage through the practices below.


COMPOST and ORGANIC FERTILIZER for natural and sustained vineyard nutrition

RECYCLING of winery process water for irrigation and landscaping

COVER CROPPING for erosion control and soil fertility

CONVERSION TO NO TILLAGE between vine rows to minimize erosion

MECHANICAL WEED CONTROL reduces or eliminates the use of herbicide

NATURAL HABITAT for wildlife on over 50 acres of unplanted land

NATIVE PLANT INSECTARIES attract beneficial insects to assist in pest management

WEATHER STATION allows for more efficient irrigation and disease prevention based on risk

DEFICIT IRRIGATION minimizes water use and produces small concentrated grapes

SOLAR PANELS provide natural energy and reduce our energy use by over 90%

VINEYARD WORKERS are employed full-time, year round and receive benefits

CAVE network stores wine in barrel with minimal energy for cooling


Creating habitat for and releasing beneficial insects
Using canopy management practices to reduce disease pressure
Applying organic products for disease control
Assessing risk and monitoring the vineyard before applying pest control measures